Ryan Adams European tour setlists so far

Over the four dates in Europe so far (Cork, Dublin, Stockholm and Oslo) Ryan has played 37 different songs (if we’re including the improvised Animal Jail/Chopsticks and Mr. Man?).

Constants throughout the four shows have been ‘Desire‘, ‘Everybody Knows‘, ‘If I Am A Stranger‘, ‘Let It Ride‘, ‘Sylvia Plath‘ and opener ‘Oh My Sweet Carolina‘.

He’s played three times: ‘16 Days‘, ‘Blue Hotel‘, ‘Damn, Sam (I Love A Woman That Rains)‘, ‘Firecracker‘, ‘New York New York‘ and ‘Please Do Not Let Me Go‘.

New song ‘Invisible Riverside‘ has been played once so far (in Stockholm) – it was also played back in April at the Emmylou Harris support show (El Rey, Los Angeles).

I think ‘Ashes And Fire‘ is also new (Cork), and ‘Dirty Rain‘ which was played at both Irish shows (Cork/Dublin).

Ryan has been playing some Whiskeytown songs too on this tour: ‘16 Days‘, ‘Avenues‘, ‘Dancing With The Women At The Bar‘ and ‘House On The Hill‘ from The Strangers Almanac.

Next up on tour is Malmo (Sweden) followed by Copenhagen (Denmark) and then two shows in Portugal (Lisbon, Porto) – before Ryan finally hits the United Kingdom on Sunday :)

Thanks to the posters on RAA for all the setlist info. Please leave a comment if I’ve made any mistakes above.