Ryan Adams announces new European shows for Spring 2012

Just posted to his Facebook wall:

Just like to let you all know that Ryan is coming back for another solo tour of Europe!
Tickets go on sale this Friday. Here are the dates:

19 April – Dublin, Ireland – Olympia Theatre
20 April – Belfast, Northern Ireland – Waterfront Auditorium
22 April – Gateshead, UK – Gateshead Sage
23 April – London, UK – Palladium
25 April – Nottingham, UK – Royal Concert Hall
26 April – Glasgow, Scotland – Royal Concert Hall
27 April – Sheffield, UK – City Hall
30 April – London, UK – Palladium
02 May – Antwerp, Belgium – Queen Elizabeth Hall
04 May – Paris, France – La Cigale
06 May – Amsterdam, Holland – Carre Theatre
07 May – Copenhagen, Denmark – Falkoner Theatre
09 May – Oslo, Norway – Folketeatret
11 May – Stockholm, Sweden – Waterfront

Ryan Adams tickets onsale right now for new Edinburgh show (30th Oct)

As Smokey Cat points out on RAA – Ryan is scheduled to play the Eugene Oregon in the USA on this date (and Seattle the following day)

Date Warning? Ryan is playing in USA on the 20th and 21st of October so how can he be playing Edinburgh on the 20th October? Concord don’t work anymore!



Not sure what that means for the 20th October Edinburgh date that SeeTickets are selling for?!

It looks like the Edinburgh date should be listed as 30th Oct, not the 20th (see pclpresents.com for confirmation (thanks to ACT on RAA for the info)


Tickets have gone onsale this morning through SeeTickets for a new Ryan Adams UK date in Scotland!

Edinburgh Festival Theatre
Thursday 20th October 2011 at 7pm
Sunday 30th October 2011

Tickets are £27.50 (£30.25 inc. booking fee)

(link no longer working)
You can use this to search if any of the other UK dates have gone onsale yet

Here is a seating plan of the venue

Dates in London and York have also been announced – although the official onsale date for those is Friday morning. If we hear of any presales we’ll try and post details. Your best bet is to keep an eye on the forums on ryanadamsarchive.com


from Ryan’s Facebook:

Hello UK, France and Belgium. A few shows are going on sale this week.

October 27 London, UK – Union Chapel
http://bit.ly/draucuk – On sale Fri, Sept 16

October 28 York, UK – York Grand Opera House
http://bit.ly/drayork – On sale Friday, Sept 16

November 2 Paris, FR – Le Trianon Hall
http://bit.ly/drafr11 – On sale Wednesday, Sept 14

November 5 Brussels, BE – Cirque Royale
http://bit.ly/qCIkAV – On sale Thursday, Sept 15

Ryan Adams European Tour limited edition 7″ vinyl


Ryan is selling a limited edition double A-side 7" vinyl on this European tour – Empty Room/Nutshell (Nutshell is an Alice In Chains cover).

The price in London was £10 (and I think it was 20 Euros at the Scandanavian shows). For some reason the merchandise stall at the London show was buried away upstairs in the Barbican shop (Jesse Malin had his stall outside the venue doors downstairs).

T-shirts were £20 and there were 3 designs (Acoustic Nightmare, PAX-AM and Mountaineering)

I was lucky enough to get my vinyl signed by Ryan in Manchester this afternoon whilst he and Jesse (and possibly Mandy?) were browsing Cafe Pop in the Northern Quarter :)
Had my camera with me, but decided not to trouble him for a photo.

Sleeve Notes:

Side A: Empty Room
Side A: Nutshell

Empty Room:
Written by Ryan Adams
Published by Barland Music / Bug Music (ASCAP)
Produced by Jamie Candiloro and Ryan Adams
Assistant Engineer: Jason Donaghy
Recorded at Perfect Sound, Hollywood California
Acoustic, electric guitar, vocals: Ryan Adams
Vocals: Amanda Moore
Bass: Sebastian Steinberg
Acoustic Guitar, vocals: Chris Stills
Pedal steel: Marty Rifkin
Piano, Organ: Rami Jaffee
Drums: Marshall Vore

Written by Jerry Cantrell, Michael Inez, Sean Kinney, and Layne Staley
Published by Lungclam Music, Michael Inez Music, Nancylayneco LLC, and Shylo Viola
Publishing (ASCAP)
Produced by Ryan
Recorded and engineered by John Gilbertson and Ryan at Kyle’s Old Room Studios
Mixed by Ryan
All instruments played by Ryan

Photos by Ryan
Design by Andy West
PAX-AM 010

Barcode: 8 51007 00303 3

Ryan Adams at Brighton Dome (22nd June 2011)

Brighton setlist (via Kees and Splitscreenshot on RAA)

01. To Be Young
02. Oh My Sweet Carolina
03. Winding Wheel
04. Call Me On Your Way Back Home
05. Bartering Lines
06. Why Do They Leave
07. Rescue Blues
08. Let It Ride
09. Everybody Knows
10. Two
11. Firecracker
12. Invisible Riverside
13. New York New York
14. Jacksonville Skyline
15. Houses On The Hill
16. Come Pick Me Up


17. Sylvia Plath
18. Strawberry Wine

Brighton forum thread on RAA

Ryan Adams European tour setlists so far (v3)

After 10 European concerts I’ve updated the setlist spreadsheet:

In total Ryan’s played 52 different songs (including 9 new songs) – plus 6 improvised/made-up songs on the spot.

Continue reading to view a chart sorted by frequency

Ryan Adams at London Barbican (20th June 2011)

London Setlist (Monday) (via Lodestar on RAA)
Monday 19th June 2011

01. To Be Young
02. Oh My Sweet Carolina
03. Damn, Sam (I Love A Woman That Rains)
04. Everybody Knows
05. If I Am A Stranger
06. Firecracker
07. My Winding Wheel
08. Invisible Riverside
09. New York, New York (piano)
10. Ashes And Fire
11. Let It Ride
12. Desire
13. The Rescue Blues (piano)
14. English Girls Approximately
15. Blue Hotel
16. Amy


17. 16 Days
18. Two
19. This House Is Not For Sale
20. Stop (piano)

He then disappeared briefly and came out with a cape and queued some funky lighting and played an improv farewell song to the tune of “Gorgon, Master of War.”

Apparently the reason why ‘Oh My Sweet Carolina’ wasn’t played first (as it has been on every single gig so far) was due to Ryan not having bought his song book out with him, so he had to play something else :)

Great quote from seaoftunes on RAA: "This tour takes my tally to something like 30 times since 2001 and last night is best i’ve seen him since 2006."

Forum thread on RAA


Ryan Adams at London Barbican (19th June 2011)

London Setlist (Sunday) (via RAA)
Sunday 18th June 2011

01. Oh My Sweet Carolina
02. Invisible Riverside
03. Please Do Not Let Me Go
04. Why Do They Leave?
05. New York, New York (piano)
06. Let It Ride
07. Desire
08. Carolina Rain
09. The Rescue Blues (piano)
10. Dirty Rain
11. In My Time Of Need
12. My Winding Wheel
13. Bartering Lines
14. Firecracker
15. Everybody Knows
16. Houses On The Hill
17. Sylvia Plath (piano)
18. speed metal/flamenco improv tentatively titled “Dramedy Lighting”
19. Strawberry Wine


20. Come Pick Me Up

Onstage: 20:43pm
Offstage: 22:49pm

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Songkick page for London concert
Last.fm page for London concert (lastfm:event=1879420)
Setlist.fm page for London concert
Venue page


Ryan Adams at Porto Teatro Sá da Bandeira, Portugal (17th June 2011)

Porto Setlist (via tomtom on RAA)
Friday 17th June 2011

01. Oh My Sweet Carolina
02. Dirty Rain
03. Off Broadway
04. Everybody Knows
05. Let It Ride
06. Sylvia Plath
07. Please Do Not Let Me Go
08. Carolina Rain
09. Firecracker
10. If I Am A Stranger
11. Mr. Booger Man Song (Improv)
12. Damn Sam
13. Sweet Illusions
14. Two
15. Dancing With The Women At The Bar


16. Jesus / Cougar (Improv)
17. Blue Hotel

Onstage: 22:15pm
Offstage: 00:05am

Forum thread on RAA

Songkick page for Porto concert
Last.fm page for Porto concert (lastfm:event=1875361)
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Venue page

Ryan Adams at Lisbon Aula Magna, Portugal (16th June 2011)

Lisbon setlist (via TomTom and Pattonfreak on RAA)
Thursday 16th June 2011

01. Oh My Sweet Carolina
02. Firecracker
03. Don’t Fail Me Now
04. Please Do Not Let Me Go
05. If I Am A Stranger
06. Everybody Knows
07. New York, New York
08. Invisible Riverside (new song)
09. 200 More Miles (Cowboy Junkies cover)
10. This House Is Not For Sale
11. 16 Days
12. Shadow In The Light (new song)
13. English Girls Approximately
14. Strawberry Wine
15. Desire
16. Come Pick Me Up


17. Promise (new song)
18. Come Home (new song)

Onstage: 10.30pm
Off: 0:30am

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last.fm concert page for Lisbon (lastfm:event=1875268)

Venue website

Ryan Adams European tour setlists so far (v2)

With 6/15 European shows now complete, we take another look at the setlist song distribution…

The Malmo show had an incredible 8 new songs (5 of which were debuted on the night). At present the song titles are unclear, although on the RAA forum they’ve been given tentative names along with a few lyrics.

Next stop for Ryan is two shows in Portugal – Lisbon tonight (Thursday 16th June) and Porto tomorrow (Friday 17th June)