Ryan Adams at Stockholm Cirkus, Sweden (10th June 2011)

Stockholm setlist (via Goran on RAA)

01. Oh My Sweet Carolina
02. If I Am A Stranger
03. Firecracker
04. Damn, Sam (I Love A Woman That Rains)
05. Please Do Not Let Me Go
06. New York New York
07. Let It Ride
08. Everybody Knows
09. Call Me On Your Way Back Home
10. Desire
11. Sylvia Plath
12. Invisible Riverside
13. Dear Chicago
14. 16 Days
15. Blue Hotel
16. Two
17. Winding Wheel
18. Come Pick Me Up


19. September
20. Halloween
21. Houses On The Hill

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Reviews (thanks to Goran on RAA for links and translation):
It’s intimate, it’s fun and it’s just like Ryan Adams would have it: quiet but incredibly beautiful.

When Adams peels away and sings as vulnerable as he can, songs like “Halloween” and “September” become two of tonight’s big moments. In addition, he offers pure stand-up comedy, with brilliant talk about zombies, mobile phones and his harmonica sounding like it has been out carousing all night. The eternally moody person suddenly feels really harmonic. Liberating, somehow.