Ryan Adams European Tour limited edition 7″ vinyl


Ryan is selling a limited edition double A-side 7" vinyl on this European tour – Empty Room/Nutshell (Nutshell is an Alice In Chains cover).

The price in London was £10 (and I think it was 20 Euros at the Scandanavian shows). For some reason the merchandise stall at the London show was buried away upstairs in the Barbican shop (Jesse Malin had his stall outside the venue doors downstairs).

T-shirts were £20 and there were 3 designs (Acoustic Nightmare, PAX-AM and Mountaineering)

I was lucky enough to get my vinyl signed by Ryan in Manchester this afternoon whilst he and Jesse (and possibly Mandy?) were browsing Cafe Pop in the Northern Quarter :)
Had my camera with me, but decided not to trouble him for a photo.

Sleeve Notes:

Side A: Empty Room
Side A: Nutshell

Empty Room:
Written by Ryan Adams
Published by Barland Music / Bug Music (ASCAP)
Produced by Jamie Candiloro and Ryan Adams
Assistant Engineer: Jason Donaghy
Recorded at Perfect Sound, Hollywood California
Acoustic, electric guitar, vocals: Ryan Adams
Vocals: Amanda Moore
Bass: Sebastian Steinberg
Acoustic Guitar, vocals: Chris Stills
Pedal steel: Marty Rifkin
Piano, Organ: Rami Jaffee
Drums: Marshall Vore

Written by Jerry Cantrell, Michael Inez, Sean Kinney, and Layne Staley
Published by Lungclam Music, Michael Inez Music, Nancylayneco LLC, and Shylo Viola
Publishing (ASCAP)
Produced by Ryan
Recorded and engineered by John Gilbertson and Ryan at Kyle’s Old Room Studios
Mixed by Ryan
All instruments played by Ryan

Photos by Ryan
Design by Andy West
PAX-AM 010

Barcode: 8 51007 00303 3