Ryan Adams at London Barbican (20th June 2011)

London Setlist (Monday) (via Lodestar on RAA)
Monday 19th June 2011

01. To Be Young
02. Oh My Sweet Carolina
03. Damn, Sam (I Love A Woman That Rains)
04. Everybody Knows
05. If I Am A Stranger
06. Firecracker
07. My Winding Wheel
08. Invisible Riverside
09. New York, New York (piano)
10. Ashes And Fire
11. Let It Ride
12. Desire
13. The Rescue Blues (piano)
14. English Girls Approximately
15. Blue Hotel
16. Amy


17. 16 Days
18. Two
19. This House Is Not For Sale
20. Stop (piano)

He then disappeared briefly and came out with a cape and queued some funky lighting and played an improv farewell song to the tune of “Gorgon, Master of War.”

Apparently the reason why ‘Oh My Sweet Carolina’ wasn’t played first (as it has been on every single gig so far) was due to Ryan not having bought his song book out with him, so he had to play something else :)

Great quote from seaoftunes on RAA: "This tour takes my tally to something like 30 times since 2001 and last night is best i’ve seen him since 2006."

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