Ryan Adams at Cork Opera House (7th June 2011)

Over at the excellent Ryan Adams Archive there’s a forum thread for last night’s show at the Cork Opera House. According to ailishmac and JohnC, Ryan took to the stage at 9.20pm and finished at 11.05pm.

The set list was as follows:

Cork Opera House, Ireland (Tuesday 7th June 2011)

01. Oh My Sweet Carolina
02. Dirty Rain
03. If I Am A Stranger
04. Firecracker
05. New York New York (on piano)
06. Two
07. Blue Hotel
08. Carolina Rain
09. Crossed Out Name
10. Sylvia Plath
11. Dear Chicago
12. Everybody Knows
13. Damn, Sam (I Love A Woman That Rains)
14. Ashes And Fire (new song?)

15. Avenues
16. Let It Ride
17. Withering Heights
18. Desire
19. Please Do Not Let Me Go

(thanks to chrisc & Ryan Adams Archive).

Apparently Ryan asked the audience to Tweet that he played The Dark Side Of The Moon in full!

I’ve created a of all the songs played the track order (excluding ‘Dirty Rain’ & ‘Ashes And Fire’ which aren’t available).

Update1: over at tobeyoung.org, Rob also has a forum thread for the Cork show

Update2: Tweet from Ryan last night at 2am – sent from his iPad:


"Thank you to all the lovely people in Cork who came out and shared the evening with @jesse_malin and I. Was so lovely. Xx"

Jesse Malin’s Facebook status update: (thanks ewok.online)

"The first night supporting Ryan Adams on the Acoustic Nightmare tour was a blast and Ryan Killed it!!! New songs are great, especially “Dirty Rain.” The Cork Opera house sounded amazing with two sad bastards breaking in their solo cherry! Dublin tomorrow back at the Olympia!!! Classic!!! JM…."

Jesse also posted a photo which you can see on his FB here


"SO proud of my guy @theryanadams for an UNREAL start to his eu tour…and he played “carolina rain” to boot! :)"


Here’s a photo of a new Ryan Adams ‘Acoustic Nightmare’ t-shirt on sale at the merch stall during this European tour. Photo credit: ailishmac on RAA (and Music City Monster for uploading it). lewisdhead posted on RAA: "Some t-shirts that apparently didn’t have the Irish dates on, I didn’t take much notice. No other RA merch music, posters etc. Jesse Malin cd’s, a 7″ and and re-issue 200gr vinyl, numbered edition of “Fine Art……” ."

Update4: 9th June @ 00:18am

Twitter user @billypettinger posted a photo of the merch stall at Cork http://twitpic.com/58v121 – thanks for giving me permission to repost your pic Billy :)


JohnC at RAA [2] posted some thoughts:

"Ryan’s playing was delicate and quiet but that Bucky kept going out of tune on him
he was in great voice throughout

highlight for me was Caroilna Rain which he owned
and Everybody Knows with all those delicate hammer ons/offs
and Ashes on Fire and Avenues

he’s got a big book with a PAX -AM logo on it andthereis a load of songs in there by the looks of it "

"Ashes and Fire has that G/C/D Em Firecracker thing going on but it’s an epic story song with the main character a girl who has a heart made of ashes and fire with Ryan blowing great harp-it’s awesome"

Some Twitter users at the show:
@billypettinger, @finngraham, @TheGManWorld, @darraghj, @nadeise

Here’s a Twitter list of those folk:

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I realise most people won’t have time over the next 3 weeks to be constantly scanning Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, and the forums at TBY & RAA for news of the Ryan Adams shows. I’m hoping to use this blog to collate all the news and info I discover in an easy to manage summary. Thank you to all the forum posters who are providing the info and apologies for just cut n pasting in some cases. I will do my best to credit you – thanks: Rob, plath, Sydneyfan, La Cienega, ewok.online etc